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Excapper - tracks changes odds and bets on the Betfair exchange. You can find potentially fixed games, value bets, bets with any advantage over the bookmaker or people, as the exchange is completely independent, and the odds, especially in the lower leagues, are in "free floating".

Excapper is a tool with many settings, functions, a notification system on the site and via the bot in the telegram channel. The functionality of the project was created and improved with the help of professional bettors to give users the most flexible and efficient settings for betting on Betfair or in your local bookmakers.

Highlight the start odds
A simple option that highlights the start odds.

Market type
Enables / disables notifications for selected markets. If it is not checked, you will not get notifications for these markets. By default, when all checkboxes are not selected, everything is active.

market info

Hide / show countries:
Enables / disables countries from the site and from sent notifications in telegrams.

Hide / show leagues:
Enables / disables leagues from the site and from sent notifications in telegrams.
List of leagues

In this section, you can set up notifications for games that bet large sum of money, non-proportional bets, games with dropping odds, and other parameters. Also, make a filter by odds, markets, game statuses, etc.

Please note that the found game with a big bets stake is not 100% winning. It is also worth considering additional factors such as the league, country, odds dropping, game blocking and other factors.

Video reviews

These are just examples of settings, dont get attached to these numbers.

Description of forms

To get notification on the website and in a telegram, it is enough to fill the first three forms.

Money on market > sets the total sum of bets on the market. Counted from.

Percent money on market sets the % ratio of bets on the market. Calculated from.

Minimum odds > the minimum odds for which notifications will be get. Calculated from.

Maximum odds <The maximum odds by which will get a notifications. Counts up to.

Minimum past odds < Filters low odds games. For example: a lot of bets were bet at odds of 1.1, and over time odds will higher, lets say up to 3. It counts up to.

Start Odds > sets the minimum opening odds at the market. Counts from.

First odds precent change: percentage change in starting odds relative to the current one. Works with the form for setting the direction of odds movement - higher or drop relative to the start odd.

Formula: current odds / start - 1 = %. These are very useful functions for setting notifications about dropping odds on the betting exchange, so a more detailed analysis is made in the section "Dropping odds", where video instructions and examples of settings are provided.

Further, there are additional settings with filtering the status of games, and markets for get notifications.

This option send notifications when there is a sharp bets the big sum on the market. For example, the summ of bets on the 1.5 goals HT was 3,000 euros, and a minute later the summ raise to 9,000 euros. The main parameters are identical with the section - "Money way", additional parameters are described below:

Money raise for 1 minute > the sum of bets that was placed on the exchange for 1 minute. Helps to find sharp, big bets. Counted from.

Raise percent for 1 minute > percentage raise of the total sum of money in the market. Calculated from.

Forms: "Start odds", "First odds percent change" and "Direction of odds change", you can get notifications about odds drop or raise odds. For example, odds from 4 dropped to 2, and in some cases, you can place surebets, value bets with your local bookmakers or with bet365, pinnacle, as in this example.

Calculation formula: current odds / start odds - 1 = %

  • Start odds 3, now 4. Its changes: 4/3-1= +33%
  • Start odds 3, now 2. Its changes: 2/3-1= -33%
  • Higher: From and above. If you set 20%, then any raise odds from 20% and above will fit the parameters, and as in example No. 1, as there was an raise of 33%, and we have 20% and above in the settings.

    Drop: Before and below. If you set -20%, then any dropping the odds by -20% and below will fit the parameters, and as in example No. 2, as there was a drop by -33%, and we have -20% and below in the settings.

    This is a very useful option if you want to be notified about odds drops or odds raise on a betting exchange.

    To get telegram notifications, you need:

  • Perform basic settings in the "Money way" or "Sharp bets" section. Please note that you must have turned on notifications.
  • Next in the section - "Telegram" click on "Connect Telegram bot", go to telegram app and click start.
  • Click on the link in the telegram application and after that your telegram will be synchronized with your nickname on and you will be able to get notifications.

  • Excapper is a tool and you decide what to bet. In this section, collected ideas the search betting strategies.

    Big dropping odds / large and disproportionate bets on 1 market

    Due to the high stakes on a single market, especially in the lower leagues, there are sometimes games with a big odds drop, so these games are worth paying attention. Sometimes this games have surebets to 200% with your local bookies. Also, some of these games can be attributed to potentially fix games or insiders, when someone or groups of people have certain information that affects the result of the game.

    Value betting (lay)

    Due to the lot of bets on one market, and the dissemination of this information, the exchange odds in some games become illiquid, for example, odds from 4 drops to 1.2. In this case, you can bet - lay, getting a value bet.

    Raise low odds by time

    As a rule, odds lower 1.8 are practically not liquid, and accordingly bets on favorites with odds of 1.1 will not get profit. But, you can build a strategy associated with risign the odds on the favorite, and get signals when odds are reached, for example, 3-4.

    Of course, everyone determines their own betting strategy, and thanks to the many settings, excapper help you to automate the get of these signals.